COMMS is an accessible, intuitive, and streamlined way to create course outlines.

COMMS is Accessible:

  • Anyone with a school network username can use COMMS to search, browse, and compare course outlines at any time
  • Information is stored online so it can be accessed and edited by users anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Reports offer a clear snapshot of how many course outlines are approved, pending approval, or need to be written
  • High quality PDF files of all completed course outlines are available for download
  • COMMS complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

COMMS is Intuitive:

  • Simple and clean design gives users immediate access to role-specific tasks
  • Contribution templates display only the relevant sections of a course outline
  • Course outlines are automatically checked before they are submitted for approval to make sure all sections are filled out and the information is complete
  • Embedded WebHelp appears on every page to assist users in performing their roles accurately the first time

COMMS is Streamlined:

  • Learning Outcomes and Elements of Performance for each program are preloaded into the Course Outline Editor
  • Automatic e-mails notify supervisors when course outlines move up or down the chain of approval, speeding up the approval process
  • Department chairs can assign designates to help them fulfill the duties of their role
  • The reports generator gives supervisors an at-a-glance look at the delivery of learning outcomes or course learning requirements
  • Course Section Information documents can be associated with an outline to give students a complete look at the schedule for their specific course section
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