COMMS is an accessible, intuitive, and streamlined way to create course outlines.

Faculty And Course Writers

  • Create, edit and store course outlines in a user-friendly setting with the help of drop-down menus and check-boxes
  • Clearly consider how each course relates to the overall learning outcomes of the program of study
  • Address gaps in mapping to essential employability skills and general education
  • Easily verify if evaluations are linked back to course learning requirements
  • Save time with annual course outline updating by using the previous year comparison feature
  • Create, store and share Course Section Information (CSI) documents

Program Coordinators

  • Identify Course Outline Writers
  • Review or vet course outlines
  • Provide feedback to Course Outline Writers
  • Manage Course Section Information (CSI) documents
  • Generate program maps
  • Ensure all course outlines are prepared prior to the beginning of the semester
  • Generate reports that map Course Learning Requirements (CLR) against Essential Employability Skills (EES) and Vocational Learning Outcomes (VLO)

Academic Managers

  • Approve course outlines anytime and from anywhere
  • View current and past course outlines to help assess transfer credits, exemptions and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
  • Assign a designate to access information
  • Customize course outline design with college-specific branding
  • Ensure department policies and procedures are linked to every course outline
  • Generate customized reports such as course outline summary status and course outline completion rates
  • Use COMMS to assist with the development of articulation agreements

Institutional Advantage

  • Students can access approved course outlines immediately through the institutional student information system
  • Assisting students with academic advising is simplified, since approved course outlines can be made available to administrators, faculty and staff
  • Course outlines are accessible to all students and are compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • PDF files of completed course outlines are available for download
  • Automated emails notify supervisors when course outlines move up or down the chain of approval, speeding up the approval process
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